SeaSpatial offers a full range of marine science services. We are experienced in conducting biological surveys for both fish and invertebrates, and can provide oversight and personnel for fisheries research sampling and surveys. Our personnel have extensive experience in marine data science, spatial ecology, fisheries research, and oceanographic instrumentation and are NAUI certified Scientific Divers.

Example Project

Nursery Functions of U.S. West Coast Estuaries
SeaSpatial completed the compilation and summarization of existing information on the nursery function of West Coast estuaries for 15 selected fish and invertebrate species. A State of the Knowledge Report (low-res | high-res) and geodatabase were delivered to The Nature Conservancy and Pacific Marine and Esturine Fish Habitat Partnership (PMEP).

nursery functions
  • Marine Data science
  • Spatial ecology
  • Fisheries sampling
  • Biological sampling
  • Oceanography
  • Scientific diving